Waterfowl Taxidermy Mounts

We mount all types of waterfowl including puddle ducks, diver ducks, sea ducks, geese and swans for sportsmen worldwide. We also work extensively with museums and nature centers building custom waterfowl dioramas.

We are meticulous about each step of the process.

  • Each bird is inspected prior to mounting and we will contact you to discuss any issues with the bird.
  • Proper skinning, fleshing and washing of the bird to ensure that no fat or grease is left on the skin.
  • All of our birds are caulked to ensure the durability of the mount as well as to recreate the natural appearance of the bird.
  • We take our time during the grooming process to make sure that the feathers are aligned correctly and that the bird is posed in a natural position.
  • The legs/feet of the bird are injected to give them a natural life like appearance.
  • Bill and leg/feet coloration are airbrush painted to a lifelike appearance.
waterfowl taxidermy

Behind the Scenes