Stehling’s Taxidermy is owned and operated by Aaron & Austin Stehling. Since the founding of the company by Greg Stehling in 1978, Stehling’s Taxidermy’s focus has always been on the customer.  By working with our clients to customize the taxidermy experience for them, we have grown to be one of the largest taxidermy operations in the country. Our studio has produced tens of thousands of mounts for sportsmen, museums, retail displays and biological study . This wealth of experience means we can offer you more than the average shop. We look forward to working with you on your next mount ! 




The crew

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Our 7200 sq ft taxidermy facility is one of the most modern and professionally equipped in the business. We have the tools and equipment most other shops do not have. Stop by and see for yourself why Stehling’s Taxidermy is the best choice for serious sportsmen looking for the best taxidermy experience. 


We attend sport shows throughout the year. Watch this short video to see our booth at the 2017 Deer & Turkey Expo

Part of our Pick up and Delivery vehicle fleet 

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About Aaron Stehling

 Aaron Stehling is a second generation full time taxidermist. Growing up in the taxidermy industry, Aaron has always been involved in the business. Aaron is  co owner of Stehling’s Taxidermy LLC and also in charge of media and video recording for the company. Aaron works full time on the shop floor of Stehling’s practicing the art of taxidermy.  In his free time he enjoys fishing, trapping , and boating.  He also enjoys in depth study of World events.


 Cell/Text 920.650.5457 .







About Austin Stehling

Austin Stehling is a second generation full-time taxidermist. Austin took an interest in the family business from an early age. His love of animals transferred into a career in taxidermy. As co owner of Stehling’s Taxidermy, Austin is responsible for major decision making and managing the day to day operations of the company.  His specialties in taxidermy include waterfowl, upland game birds, mammals and big game. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, trapping and hunting.

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Cell/Text  920-723-1224

The main office and computer equipment 


An organized shop is a productive shop.


Stehling’s Taxidermy 1980


Stehling’s Taxidermy 2017


Stehling’s Taxidermy 2019


Our large commercial freeze dryers 


Main shop floor


Deer Mounting bench


Watch us work in the shop through the large windows in the showroom

Our 2500 sq ft Showroom


Stehling’s Taxidermy Licenses and Trademarks 

  • State Licensed Taxidermists in Wisconsin           
  • State Licensed Taxidermists in Iowa         
  • Federally Licensed Taxidermists by the USFW