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Elk Taxidermy Mounts Wisconsin

Elk Taxidermy Mounts   High-quality elk taxidermy mounts. With over 40 years of experience, we have the expertise to make your elk taxidermy mounts come alive! Please contact us for pricing and information on proper skinning and field care. Lifesize Half Lifesize Shoulder Mounts Pedestal Mounts Its important to contact us prior to going on your hunting trip so we can…

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Latest News Mallard Duck Taxidermy Mounts Stehlings taxidermy duck hunting award winning wisconsin

Mallard Taxidermy Mounts Wisconsin

Mallard Taxidermy Mounts We mount all poses of mallard taxidermy mounts including standing, sitting, flying, flushing, landing swimming, dead mounts and specialty poses for sportsmen worldwide. We also work extensively with museums and nature centers building custom waterfowl dioramas. We are meticulous about each step of the process. Each bird is inspected prior to mounting…

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